The Catalyst Behind the House of Brigh

Conjure and Root-Doctoring

What is Southern Conjure?

Throughout the American South, there are many folk magic practices built on the foundation of African Slave magic, European witchcraft, and local Native American practices. These synergistic traditions emerge with a myriad of names: root-doctoring, spirit-work, hoodoo, conjure, witchery and countless others. 

House of Brigh teaches the history and the elements of practice of these traditions from both the historical and personal point of view drawing from personal experience of the lore and techniques of Southern and Appalachian magical practices.  House of Brigh's conjure teachings come from both Hoodoo and Voodoo workers and initiates in New Orleans and throughout the American South. Conjure is a living tradition that includes setting of lights, working roots, the veil (2nd sight) working with tokens (signs), laying on hands, speaking in tongues, conjure magic, working with the dead and other forms.

Our individual classes in Conjure include but are not limited to:

  • A History and Introduction to Southern Conjure Practices

  • Setting Lights and Other Fire Conjure

  • Them Spirits - Haints, Haunts, and Helpers

  • Southern Conjure and Crossroads Magic

  • Meeting the Dark Man at the Crossroads

  • Fixing Mojos and Lucky Hands in Southern Conjure

  • Graveyard and Ancestral Work in Southern Conjure

Our Conjure Weekend Intensives are powerful and offer hands on work for the practitioner to better hone their spiritual and magical connection to the conjure present in the world.