About Faery Seership™ Apprenticeship

The techniques, lore and practices of Faery Seership™ foster a “re-sacredizing” of life, facilitate a co-creative paradigm, and issue forth lasting transformation that moves us from suffering needlessly as humans merely of “compliance” to beings of “congruence” with the directive of our spirit. HOB teachings focus on supporting seekers in coming into right relationship with their center and core, their incarnate lives and the source of their existence regardless of spiritual or religious practices.Orion Foxwood Conjure

The Faery Seership™ tradition is a collection of lore, customs, techniques and prohibitions, which are influenced by the Celtic and pre-Celtic tribes of Europe and Appalachia. It focuses on the living inner common wealth of the sacred land and humanity's spiritual cousins in the other world. It is a philosophy, way of life and a paradigm through which we, as humans can re-enter alliance with the Earth, other living creatures, the plant/tree kingdom and other races of beings which share the Earth's surface and underworld life with us. This tradition includes lore and techniques that are quite old and have survived to date in many areas of Europe and America in folk traditions, ballads and lore.

Through group-based intensives in the U.S. and the U.K., HOB teaches techniques for re-attuning, and re-aligning one's inner spirit with the spirit world and planetary vision to bring wholeness and spiritual integrity.  This work calls humanity into deeper integration, sacredness, and true empowerment by working with three main areas:

  1. a) The first work of the Faery Seer is to attune our consciousness into physical existence, the inner creative visionary center and the true heart of the Universe.
  2. b) Second, the Seer aligns their awareness and perception into the rhythm and energetic dialogue within, between and through the Levels of Life and its attending spirit beings.
  3. c)  Finally, this work then brings us into agreement between the stellar realms and the inner and ancestral reasons why we were intended into existence.

The Faery Seership Apprenticeship is a fully contacted, seven year in-depth teaching system that offers a community support network and competent facilitation by seasoned practitioners to help those who walk between the realms develop the natural ability resident in their blood for the arcane arts.

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