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Artwork by Navanna Naviana celtic goddess letting go art nouveauAt the House of Brigh, we offer a number of products and services to assist you in your spiritual quest. You'll always find the latest offerings on this page and if you know what you are looking for, you can always use the menu buttons to the left to get you there quicker.


Artwork by Navanna Naviana"celtic goddess letting go art nouveau"

Vision Key Reading with Orion

altEmpowered living is a difficult concept when we live in a world that appears to require us to be disconnected & distracted from our authentic self. Driven by invisible and unrecognized longing, we feel this deep separation and abandonment. In order to heal this longing, we need to reweave our souls back into clarity, inner stillness and receptivity. These qualities provide us the opportunity to gaze upon our authentic inner landscape.  

You can take charge and integrate your life! A spiritual consultation with Orion can  release fear and the illusion of abandonment and open the deep self to the inflowing tide of compassion and higher guidance.  This powerful work allows you “to look between strands of the web at the light contained within.”

The type of consultation Orion provides is oracular in nature, using the Vision Key Stones of the Faery Seership practices.


The Faery Teachings

Buy The Faery Teachings by Orion FoxwoodThe Faery Teachings

by Orion Foxwood


The "Faery Teachings" re-attune us to the spirits of the land, sea, wind, flame, human ancestry and the Elder race, which we know as the Faery. This attunement occurs through the application of age-old lore, techniques, folk practices, inner contacts and wisdom of Faery Seership. The stream of mystical teachings contained herein arises from the underworld of creation and babbles through the dark forests of the spirit-world bringing fresh inspiration and deep meaning to the seeker. The source of this stream lies in the stars and deep within the planet nourishing each living thing. It is available to quench the spiritual thirst of the committed seeker of truth.

Faery Sight Oil

Faery Sight Oil by Orion FoxwoodFaery Sight Oil

The recipe for this oil was given to Orion Foxwood by a Conjure woman. It is reputed to be over three hundred years old and stayed within the family until it was given to him. Originally, the base was deer fat oil. It blends herbal magic from Europe, Africa and America and is a potent tool for developing spirit sight.

It loses its potency when exposed to sunlight and thus should be stored in darkness with its charge renewed by sitting in the light of the full moon when feasible. It is best applied by placing one dot of oil on the third eye and one in the center of each palm. Gently and slowly clap your hands together allowing the palm-dots to touch. This should continue until you feel a warmth and slight lightheadedness. This light trance is called a "rapture". This stage of being does not induce possession or personality displacement. It only enhances your inner gifts and cannot induce the attraction of malevolent forces.


Introduction to Faery Seership DVD Set

buyDVDIntroduction to Faery Seership DVD Set

by Orion Foxwood & Pendraig Publications


This DVD covers a two-day intensive workshop that combines tradition and innovation, taking you into the commonwealth of the sacred Land that is the realm of Faery. Four DVDs packed with lore, customs and techniques inspired by the Celtic and pre-Celtic tribes of Europe, taught by a skilled and engaging master of his craft. $69.95


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Faery Doctoring Session with Orion

granolaOrionFaery Doctoring Session with Orion

Details coming soon!