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Introduction to Faery Seership DVD Set

buyDVDIntroduction to Faery Seership DVD Set

by Orion Foxwood & Pendraig Publications


This DVD covers a two-day intensive workshop that combines tradition and innovation, taking you into the commonwealth of the sacred Land that is the realm of Faery. Four DVDs packed with lore, customs and techniques inspired by the Celtic and pre-Celtic tribes of Europe, taught by a skilled and engaging master of his craft. $69.95


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Faery Seership CD


Faery Seership CD

by Orion Foxwood


Orion Foxwood presents "Faery Seership," a CD compilation of five visionary processes set to original music by R.J. Stewart. Orion leads the listener through core techniques applying old traditional teachings and philosophies of folkloric Faery tradition that include:

  • Opening the Faery Well - to attune with the inner power of a place.
  • The Threefold Life - to align the three souls or "walkers".
  • Opening the Hidden Paths - to commune with the Spirit of Place.
  • The Falling Fire of Heaven - a descent into the UnderWorld of Faery.
  • Nesting the Three Souls - a healing alignment of the three walkers.


This CD is a must for students of faery seership, and those who seek the hidden paths of faery and a deeper connection with our planet. The visions can be used individually, or in series, to bring the seeker into harmony within self and within nature's spirit world.



The Faery Teachings

Buy The Faery Teachings by Orion FoxwoodThe Faery Teachings

by Orion Foxwood


The "Faery Teachings" re-attune us to the spirits of the land, sea, wind, flame, human ancestry and the Elder race, which we know as the Faery. This attunement occurs through the application of age-old lore, techniques, folk practices, inner contacts and wisdom of Faery Seership. The stream of mystical teachings contained herein arises from the underworld of creation and babbles through the dark forests of the spirit-world bringing fresh inspiration and deep meaning to the seeker. The source of this stream lies in the stars and deep within the planet nourishing each living thing. It is available to quench the spiritual thirst of the committed seeker of truth.

The Tree of Enchantment

The Tree of Enchantment: Ancient Wisdom and Magic Practices of the Faery Tradition

by Orion Foxwood

Tree of Enchantment by Orion Foxwood

In Faery Seership the truths we seek can only be found within ourselves, within nature, and within our relationships to nature. At the centre of the Faery Tradition lies the Tree of Enchantment: the symbol for these relationships and for the threefold life of humanity. At each level of the tree, there are attending spirit forces that vary from beings of light to beings of shadow, from the ancestors of humanity to the architects of form and nature, from the destiny of our planet to the creation forces of the universe. The tree's roots grow through the lower world, where all life originates and the dead travel, its trunk and lower branches reach out across the middle world, where elemental forces and the four directions guide us, and its highest branches reach the into the upper world and the Star realm. Weaving together folk tradition and extensive academic research, Orion Foxwood has created an accessible, beautifully written pathway into the Old Religion of Faery Seership. Based on Appalachian traditions, Wiccan studies, Celtic oral traditions, and the Craft from Western and Northern Europe, The Tree of Enchantment offers the student of Faery Tradition both introductory and advanced visionary practices and authentic tools to learn to navigate the three realms of humanity. With diligence and an open heart, the reader will learn to cross The River of Blood, pass through The Gate of Awakening, and over The River of Stars.