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Vision Key Reading with Orion

altEmpowered living is a difficult concept when we live in a world that appears to require us to be disconnected & distracted from our authentic self. Driven by invisible and unrecognized longing, we feel this deep separation and abandonment. In order to heal this longing, we need to reweave our souls back into clarity, inner stillness and receptivity. These qualities provide us the opportunity to gaze upon our authentic inner landscape.  

You can take charge and integrate your life! A spiritual consultation with Orion can  release fear and the illusion of abandonment and open the deep self to the inflowing tide of compassion and higher guidance.  This powerful work allows you “to look between strands of the web at the light contained within.”

The type of consultation Orion provides is oracular in nature, using the Vision Key Stones of the Faery Seership practices.


Faery Doctoring Session with Orion

granolaOrionFaery Doctoring Session with Orion

Details coming soon!