Faery Sight Oil

Faery Sight Oil by Orion FoxwoodFaery Sight Oil

The recipe for this oil was given to Orion Foxwood by a Conjure woman. It is reputed to be over three hundred years old and stayed within the family until it was given to him. Originally, the base was deer fat oil. It blends herbal magic from Europe, Africa and America and is a potent tool for developing spirit sight.

It loses its potency when exposed to sunlight and thus should be stored in darkness with its charge renewed by sitting in the light of the full moon when feasible. It is best applied by placing one dot of oil on the third eye and one in the center of each palm. Gently and slowly clap your hands together allowing the palm-dots to touch. This should continue until you feel a warmth and slight lightheadedness. This light trance is called a "rapture". This stage of being does not induce possession or personality displacement. It only enhances your inner gifts and cannot induce the attraction of malevolent forces.


Each batch of oil has been blessed by Brígh and Orion Foxwood for the cultivation of inner light and spiritual truth. Orion and Brígh wish you health, wisdom, wealth and joy as you re-enter the blessed dialogue between your center and the Source.



May you be blessed by Brígh, the Lady of Light.